Planned and memorial giving provides long term resources to ensure the future operations of the organization. South Florida SPCA and the horses it rescues depend on the goodwill of donors like you. There are multiple ways of easy giving, such as naming us as a beneficiary in your will to creating a trust arrangement. To help you find the best way to give please contact Kathleen Monahan at 786-351-2632 or .

A donation to honor the life of a beloved person or pet is a beautiful way to memorialize those who have passed on. Your gift to horses in need, often struggling for their own lives, can be a poignant expression of compassion to those who have suffered a loss and a fitting tribute to a departed horse or animal lover.




Honor & Memorial Donations

In Memory of all the animals I had and that have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge
from Sylvia Diaz

In Memory of Dale Moody, who passed away from cancer. You’re forever in our hearts!
from Tanya Rocha

In Memory of Elisabeth Truby
from Martha Kent

In Memory of Elisabeth Truby
from Marilyn Magill and Bob Welsh

In Honor of all the animals and horses in the world!
from Malena Marchan

In Memory of Elisabeth Truby who was a true animal friend and loved her horses for all her life. Rest in piece Elizabeth.
from Christer Sjogren

In Memory of Snickers, Lisa Anderson’s beloved dog.
With love and support, Your friends @ PwC

In Memory of John Henry Skidmore, who rescued so many animals
from Ellen Skidmore

In Memory of Hank Rodstein
from Kim Rodstein

In Honor of Jeff Frantzman, thank you!
from Meryl Spigelman

Happy Birthday, Courtney Levin!
from Megan Fitzpatrick

In Honor of Kelli Brower & Family
from Jon Schnieder

In Honor of Jeffrey Bast
from Cheryl Mingo

In Honor of Marla Chasse
from Jackie Patridge Stewart

In memory of my loving mom Kathryn Fayad. You are forever in our hearts.
from Tanya Rocha

In memory of Tekila Freud
from Deborah Freud

In Honor of all rescue horses
from Sandy Knudsen

In Honor of you at the SPCA for the great work you do! The video of Amazing Grace reminded me of just how hard horses have it in South FL.
from Jeff Cook

In Memory of Bruce Natterer
from Julie Sather

In Honor of Connie Wightman
from Christina Johnson

In Honor of Ellen
from Suzanne Gerard

In Memory of my loving parents, Edward and Mildred Shirin
from Jill Shirin

In Honor of Erin Will
from Ruthie Leyba

A gift for Trigger
from David Savage

In Honor of Trigger
Khat McGurk

In Honor of Trigger
Ree Foley

In Honor of Trigger
Susan Marks

In Honor of Trigger
Diane Prophett

In Honor of Trigger
Ray and Pam Williams

In Honor of Trigger
Gracie Wong

In Honor of Trigger
Bonnie Clydesdale

In Honor of Trigger
from Tanya Rocha

In Honor of Trigger
from Elena Hamant

In Honor of Trigger
from Michelle Earltinez

In Honor of Trigger
from Susan Marks

In Honor of Topper
from Timothy Pazdro

In Honor of Topper
from Sandy Knudsen

In Honor of Topper
from Karen Sherman

In Honor of Topper
from Yube Miah

In Honor of Topper
from Gary Wood

In Honor of Topper
from Kathryn Amoroso

In Honor of Topper, our Gentle Giant
from Sherra McLeod

In Honor of Topper
from Victoria Dunleavy

In Honor of Linda Norris
from Glenda White

In Honor of Dawn Davis
from Allison Ray

In Honor of Marla Chasse, a good friend
from Michael Baker

In Memory of Ed Witsken
from Renee Schafer

In Memory of Shannon Collins
from Valerie Ahmuty

In Honor of all the dedicated volunteers at the SFSPCA & my friend Ellyn Robinson from Darlene Liss

In Honor of my daughters Victoria and Cristina who have been rescuing horses, dogs and cats since they could walk and talk. True animal lovers with amazing hearts!!
from Miranda Rynsburger

In Honor of Alexandra Likhachyova’s unwavering passion for this admirable cause
from Jonathan & Yvette

In Memory of Mrs. Gertrude Koeckritz
from Jennifer Harpur

In Honor of Lady & Star
from Charnae Stross

In Memory of Eleanor Miller’s sweet doggie companion “Shirley”
from Ellyn Robinson

In Honor of Claudia Roussel
from Jeanne Bennett

In Honor of Laurie Waggoner
from Elinor Brecher


Give Miami Day – November 17, 2016

Leslie Friedlander: In memory of all the dogs I have lost thru the years
Susie Martell: In honor of my beautiful SFSPCA rescue, Hope
Kathryn Amoroso: In honor of all the hard working and forgotten horses everywhere
Evelyn Shannon: In honor of Martha Rudner
Carolin Phillips: In memory of DancingattheRitz
Jose Pastor: In honor of Sir Shearer
Melissa Palacios: In honor of Luca and Maxi, my baby shih tzus
Ita & Jim Schenkel: In honor of Ellyn Robinson
Lynn Weston: In honor of Sierra!
Marjorie Sachs: In honor of Kim Rodstein
Riki Shaw: In memory of Olive and Peyton Shaw
Luz Violeta Gutierrez: In honor of Marcel
Lucille Zanghi: In memory of Harvey and Flash
Charlene Grall: In memory of Joann Grall and Bill Grall
Andrea Trujillo: In honor of Sambuca and Love
Naturalficial, Inc.: In honor of Thea
Katelyn Hoefling: In honor of all abused animals everywhere on behalf of Katy in Design’s loyal customers
Julie Byers: In memory of Kaylee Byers
Elizabeth Alvarez: In memory of Ginger
Karen Morris: In memory of Killian Red
Josie Feria: In memory of my dear Mota, beloved pet dog
Jennifer Sanz: In honor of Dori
Gina Beovides: In honor of Shakespeare (my baby bulldog)
Leslie Sardinia: In honor of Venus
Adela Alvarez: In memory of Sapphire Blue
Cindy Eisenberg: Referred by Kim Rodstein
Teri Abraham: In honor of Margie Goldstein Engle
Kathleen Monahan: In honor of Grace Delanoy for her passion, talent and hard work on behalf of the horses
Alvin Davis: In honor of Kathleen Monahan
Pedro Hernandez: Referred by Kathleen Monahan
Carlos A. Garcia: In honor of Gaston, Carson and Ella
Alyson Scotti: In honor of Sebastian
Ellie Scofield: In honor of Ginny Newton & Jane Kaderly
Marybeth Devlin: In honor of Teddy Palangio
Grace Delanoy: In memory of Cheyanne
Debbie Iten: In honor of Jena & Lauren Iten