David was born and raised in Brazil and since his childhood had always being fascinated with horses. In 1997, he received his veterinary degree from the University of Marilia – UNIMAR. He has extensive equine experience and has had many international internships focusing on medicine, myofascial release, and holistic medicine for sport horses. Subsequent to graduation he worked in private practice before joining the McPhail laboratory in the summer of 1999. David completed his master’s degree at the McPhail Equine Performance Center in the summer of 2001 and a MBA from Michigan State University. David works as a hospital administrator for Knowles Animal Clinics since 2013. David is also an accomplished powerlifter athlete holding two world records in deadlift.

His studies include:
1992- National symposium of equine history (Sao Paulo- Brazil)
1993-1995- Organizer of the extension courses week (UNIMAR-Brazil)
1994- Artificial Insemination –Lagoa da Serra – Brazil)
1994- Equine Neonatology (UNIMAR- Brazil)
1995- Equine Sports Medicine (UNESP- Brazil)
1995- Animal Reproduction Conference (Belo Horizonte-Brazil)
1995- Equine Sports Medicine extension class (UNIMAR- Brazil)
1996- Equine Internship (Sociedade Hipica Paulista – Dra. Patricia Brossi- Brazil)
1996- International Symposium of Equine Medicine ( Dr. Cliff Honas, Terrel Buchanan- UNIMAR- Brazil)
1996- How to build and manage a horse Facility (UNESP- Brazil)
1996- Lameness Diagnosis (Dra, Patricia Brossi- UNIMAR- Brazil)
1996- Anesthesiology applied for hoses (UNESP- Brasil)
1996- Residency in Equine medicine and Surgery (UNIMAR- Brazil)
1996- Residency in Veterinary Laboratory (UNIMAR- Brazil)
1996- Semiology for horses (Jundiai- Brazil)
1996- Internship at the Jockey Club (Sao Paulo-Brazil)
1996- Internship at the Hospital Veterinario Professor Salles Gomes (Jundiai- Brazil)
1997- Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine
1998- Intensive English for Professionals (UC Davis- CA- USA)
1998- Internship in Equine Medicine (Dr. Kim Gill Favier- UC Davis- CA –USA)
2000- Michigan Veterinary Conference (Michigan –USA)
2000- Equine Myofascial Release (Mark Barnes- USA)
2001- Masters in Equine Biomechanics
2003- MBA in Marketing

Lecturer experience:
1997- Management of a horse establishment (Jundiai- Brazil)
1997- First Aid for horses (Jundiai- Brazil)
2000- Exercise Physiology (Bogotá- Colombia)
2000- Postural Sway Analysis in Horses- IWAL- International Conference of Biomechanics (Vienna- Austria)
2002- Equine Muscular contraction (Sao Paulo- Brazil)
2002- Exercise Physiology (Sao Paulo- Brazil)

2003- Effects of detomidine on Postural Sway in Horses (EVJ- USA)
2002- Anthroposophy for horses (Camera Hipismo – Brazil)
2002- Stretching your horse (Camera Hipismo- Brazil)
2002- Homeopathy for horses (Camera Hipismo- Brazil)
2002- Equine Myofascial Release (Camera Hipismo- Brazil)
2001 – Postural sway analysis for horses ( EVJ- USA)
1998- Strangles in horses (The Horse- Brazil)