Give Miami Day 2018

  • 12:00 AM



We are overwhelmed by the generosity of our amazing horse and animal loving community. While we were just a whisker shy of reaching our $25,000 goal this year, our rescues came out as BIG winners with $24,273 raised for their care! We are grateful to each and every one of you who contributed to support our mission.

Give Miami Day 2018 Donors

Teresa Abraham
Norma Jean Abraham
Steven Albano
Elizabeth Alvarez, in honor of Ginger
Kathryn Amoroso
Brett Amron
Brenda Austin
Ana Ayala
Gabriela Barrocas
Susan Barthel
Jeffrey Bast
Nancy Batchelor
Joyce Beach, in honor of Missy
Rochelle Beck
Della Berry, in honor of Josh and Robin Berry
Cyndie Berthold, in honor of Clarice Lopez
Lisa Better
Lucy Billingham
Ana Borregard
Debbie Bowman
Diana Bryan
Iraida Bryce
Karen Buckhalt
Alice Burch, Burch & Burch DVM LLC, Quality Equine Veterinary Services Since 1948
Kirsten Castillo
Eva Cater
Sheila Cesarano
Robin Chaize
Charity Services Centers
Marla Chasse, in honor of Laurie Waggoner
Javier Chavez, in honor of Elizabeth Dedios
Linda Conner
Jeff Cook
Debbie Cortina
Kara Crotty
Alvin Davis
Carol-Ann Dearnaley
Sandra Debuire
Grace Delanoy
Nancy Denison
Nora Denslow
Marybeth Devlin
Lauren Dickinson
Sharon Dixon
Therese Djahanshahi
Marsha Dobrovolsky
Lilia Dockery
Diane Dorick
Cecilia Duenas
Dianne Engleke
Carol Farber
Michael Fass
Josie Feria, in memory of my Dad
Antoinette Fischer
Donna Fries
Vitra Garcia
Joseph Garofolo
Pauline Gillham
Ivette Gomez, in honor of Cecilia Duenas
Kerly Gonzalez
Kelly Gracie
Mary Graham
Iliana Graibe
Charlene Grall, in honor of Comanche
Richard Griffin
Elizabeth Groh
Christine Gudaitis, South Florida Clothiers, LLC
Katherine Guida, in honor of Bright
Kenneth Hallcom, in memory of our beloved Abby
Caroline Halloran
Carolina Hamshaw
Lara Hamwey, in honor of Martha Hamwey
Patricia Handleman
Mary Harvey, in memory of Mary Nicholas
Jamia Hobson
Katy Hoefling, in honor of the wonderful customers of Katy In Design!
Mary Hoffman
Brenda Holm
Deborah Hoover
Lorraine Johnson
Tracey Jones
Lani Kempner, in honor of Arline
Carol Keys
Sandy Knudsen
Jaya Krutulis
Linda Landers
Yvette Latour, in honor of the SFSPCA Volunteer Program
Maria Levrant, in honor of Vidal
Cyndee Levy-Angulo
Monica Leyva
Brenda Lillard
Darlene Liss
Clarice Lopez
Ethan Lowit
Alan Lund
Ana Machado, in honor of Aries
Marisa Magill
Sina Malek
Alice Malvin
Susan Marks, in honor of Trigger (I will never forget when you stepped up and helped him!)
Susan Martell, in honor of my amazing SFSPCA rescue Hope
Kelly Matacena
Sherra McLeod, in honor of Martini, my favorite rescue
Margaret McMahon
Subeeta Melwani
Susan Merriman
Maureen Meyer
Yubeda Miah
Eleanor Miller, in honor of Laurie Waggoner
Rachel Minetree
Kathleen Monahan
Jennifer Morlanne
Dianna Morris
Karen Morris, in memory of Red
Lynda Nagle
Aisha Nasser
Robin Newman
Susan OHara
Barbara Parker
Jose Pastor, in memory of Julio E. Pastor, Sr.
William Platt
Sylvia Powell
Jill Rapperport Reiss, in honor of Sarah, and the Horses!
Birgitta Rausch-Montoto
Janet Reed
Ellyn Robinson, in honor of Laurie Waggoner
Tanya Rocha
Ceil Rock
Josette Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez
Kim Rodstein
Claudia Roussel
Theresa Rust
Diane Salek
Norma Sanchez Zick
Leslie Sardinia, in honor of all the Rescues
Renee Schafer
Laura Schrier
Diane Schwartz, in memory of Tober
Omar Francisco Segura
Cristina Serralta
Monica Shaner
Julie and Gary Simon
Marcia Simon Kaplan
Martha Singleton
Odalys Soto, in memory of Lilly
Debra Stoltz
Anna Sucher
Constance Tarracino, in memory of Aaron Earl
Lew and Pat Titterton
Jacqueline Vihlen, in memory of WMJ Contribution
Gina Vogt
Arlette Weinman
Daniel and Merle Weiss
Lynn White, in honor of Sara and Matthew White
Lynne Winner
Rosa Yeyille
Zahira Zahid
Amy Zakarin
Amber Zimmerman