Without your help…the Pets’ Trust is doomed

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(Shared on behalf of Pets’ Trust Miami)

Dear 10,001 Miamians and Pets’ Trust Supporters,

You know what has happened! We still have much to do and we need your help.  From November 6th 2012 until July 9th 2013, Mayor Carlos Gimenez supported COMPLETELY the Pets’ Trust and said…. “he will support the will of the people.”   What happened?

PTM_spokesdogOn July 10th,  2013, a day that will be remembered as the worst day in the history of our animals in Miami Dade County, the Mayor decided that since a “few people” didn’t know what they were voting for, he would dismantle the dreams and goals of the Pets’ Trust.  In that moment, he determined the fate of thousands of animals.  WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT FATE WILL BE!

YOU CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN.  Attached are the phone numbers of all of the Commissioners and the Mayor.  Please take the time to call them ALL and let them know how you feel about the Mayor’s decision.  Ask for their support.  (Make sure you call Commissioner Bovo as he believes this is just a “luxury tax” and Commissioner Sosa who says she will not support any tax increase even though close to 500,000 people voted for it.)

Please be passionate but COURTEOUS.  Screaming…. Cursing….does not help our cause and your message gets deleted or thrown out.  Our campaign has always been positive.  So passionate…..honest….and sincere.

Start calling today, and if you get a phone machine, leave a message. Also call again on Monday and get a real person. MONDAY IS THE LAST DAY TO DO THIS!  You can also email starting today.

We are making progress…but we need EVERYONE to call.  Again….over and over…   Call them all. THIS IS WHAT THE 10,001 MIAMIANS WAS CREATED TO DO!

On Tuesday, July 16th we need EVERYONE to attend a protest in front of Government Center.  We will meet in the lobby at 9:00 A.M.  Wear red.   Basically…a protest for not honoring the almost 500,000 votes and not listening to the community.

Personally, I am shocked that we have to do this….but when the people speak, and the government won’t listen….what else can you do?  If they win…the animals have no chance…If we win….Well, sadly…we already won…And now we have to do it again because nearly 500,000 votes was STILL NOT ENOUGH.

PROTEST MARCH on JULY 16th…9:00 A.M.  More information to come before then….

CALL EVERYONE and JOIN US ON TUESDAY.  See you there!!!  We must have a large turnout.  You know that!!!!

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Carlos A. Gimenez, Office of the Mayor
mayor@miamidade.govMayor’s Personal secretary:
Alina T. Hudak, Deputy Mayor
305 375 2531
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) are the people elected in 13 districts to represent you. Because our government is strengthened by civic participation and increased involvement from our citizens. http://www.miamidade.gov/commission/
District 1 – Barbara J. Jordan
305-372-6028 Fax
District 8 – Lynda Bell
305-372-6073 Fax
District 2 – Jean Monestime
305-375-4843 Fax
District 9 – Dennis C. Moss
305-372-6073 Fax
District 3 – Audrey Edmonson
305-372-6104 Fax
District 10 – Javier D. Souto
305-375-3456 Fax
District 4 – Sally A. Heyman
305-372-6179 Fax
District 11 – Juan C. Zapata
305-375-5883 Fax
District 5 – Bruno A. Barreiro
305-375-5904 Fax
District 12 – José “Pepe” Diaz
305-470-1791 Fax
District 6 – Rebeca Sosa
305-372-6090 Fax
District 13 – Esteban Bovo, Jr.
305-375-2011 Fax
District 7 – Xavier L. Suarez
305-669-4044 Fax

2 Responses to "Without your help…the Pets’ Trust is doomed"

  1. Randy DeCarlo
    Randy DeCarlo Posted on July 16, 2013 at 8:11 am

    People woukd have tombe completely crazy supporting a tax hile totaling $20 miliion as long as you partner with Debi Day’s No Kill Nation. She is standing by the bar with her cozy relationships with Dahlia Canes and Alex Munoz just waiting to pillage the money that target spay neuter so her rescue hoarder friends can get grants to sustain their excessive life styles.

    Whi in their right mind would justify paying fostering expenses to rescue the many illegal pit bulls that Day and Canes flaunt as living in the county? These two nuts want the taxpayers to fund “foster” homes for dogs while seniors in the community go without medical care and children living in low income homes go to bed hungry?

    i am an animal lover and advocate but this fund needs tomho back to drawing board and toss out those words “no kill” which has come tombe nothing more than a magnet for greed.

    • lindsay
      lindsay Posted on July 17, 2013 at 1:21 pm

      Randy, Pets’ Trust Miami is in no way linked to or working with no kill nation. One organization has nothing to do with the other. The reason no kill is involved with County legislation is because one commissioner created a resolution to make MDAS no kill. It’s blanket terminology and not specific to nkn. Please email the Pets’ Trust directly and they can further explain. info@petstrustmiami.com

      Please note that more than 483,000 voters voted for this millage increase, which would have been temporary and eventually greatly reduced after our community’s overpopulation crisis was brought under control.